Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Dyson Came In Handy Today

So, I grab my bag to head out today.  Mad rush as always, trying to get out the door with The Littles before items of clothing are removed, or some other activity that invariably adds another 10 minutes (I'm working to a schedule children!).
I put my hand in my bag to make sure what should be there is there, but instead feel something that should not.  Something that now resembles muesli, and that once was a muesli bar, which got shoved in my bag when only the chocolate chips were eaten from the top.
 This was not even a quarter of it! 

Yep, the Dyson handheld did come in handy.  Will keep that trick up my sleeve.
It wasn't so helpful however, when i turned around to see the items i had removed from my bag in order to give it a good clean, had now been put to use.


At LEAST 10 minutes late now.

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  1. Oh that's gold. Times I am sure you'll look back on fondly. Ecspecially that you've documented them.


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