Monday, August 8, 2011

These Eyes

These days it's not often Little M and I get a chance to feed in a bit of peace, enjoying the moments and bonding quietly together.  No, there is often cuddles and kisses (and being squashed) by the other Littles trying to share Mummy, or Mummy trying to diffuse (mainly unsuccessfully) some sibling rivalry.  (Thank goodness at least one of the feedtimes coincides with Play School.)

So it's these eyes that do the bonding.  These eyes that magically block out the world and still Mummy's heart.  These eyes that make me so grateful and honoured that I am your Mummy.  These eyes that say more than any words could.  These pure, beautiful, calming eyes.

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  1. It is magic that gaze, time just stands still, everything right in the world x


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