Monday, September 19, 2011

Finding Some Me Time

It's been a tough weekend. 
On top of other things, sickness is in the house, particularly with the Little Viking where everything he touches turns to snot.  Conversations over whether we had bitten off more than we could chew occurred. 
It was an even tougher night with musical beds being played and horrendous coughs from every room keeping everyone up.
Every bit of me is aching with exhaustion.
It's a beautiful day here, and i needed a little bit of peace.  So despite the illnesses i decided to explore our new surroundings.  The plan was to find a park for Little Red and Little Viking to busy themselves while I sat and found some peace.
I stopped and grabbed a coffee on the way.  Found a quite spot.  Two Little's played.  Little M slept.  I drank my coffee.  I did nothing else. NOTHING! For about 6 whole minutes I did nothing, until the calls of "MUMMA, Puuuush Meee" rang out. 

Ahh, it was lovely while it lasted.

I really struggle with finding me time.  I might need to do this a bit more often.

How and what do you do for "Me Time?"


  1. As of this morning... spin class!! me time v punishment??
    I find it really hard to find the time, oh and guilty for wanting it.........

  2. Its been 19 years and I am still waiting for me time, good luck


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