Thursday, September 8, 2011


The days that Mum and Vanessa stayed with us came and went with so much haste.  I wish that time could have stood still for a while.  I loved having them here, and while it was a saving grace they were here to help us move, it would have been nice to have had those days just to enjoy each other as well.
Anyway, this would have been one of the many highlights; a trip to the local op shops, followed by an afternoon of hat wearing hilarity.  We chatted, we laughed, we snapped pics, we basked, we nibbled, we did laundry (always laundry!) and we created memories.

I miss them so much already.

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  1. I was just thinking about this day this morning actually.

    Every minute we spent there was wonderful. Even moving. The fact that we were there to help you made it even better really 'cause it made it more than just a holiday to see you. It kind of made in normal if you know what I mean. It was like we came from just down the road to do what families do for eachother. (i'm struggling to write what I'm trying to say)

    But in any case...I miss you everyday and sometimes it even brings tears to my eyes xxxx


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