Saturday, September 17, 2011

It Makes Me Happy

Oh yes, a good haircut absolutely makes me happy. 
I’ve been in dire need of a haircut, having not had one since before Little M was born.  How hard is it to find a good hairdresser??  Having just moved to a new town, where between here and our neighbour town (5km further down the road), there are waaaaay more hairdressers than necessary, I was not looking forward to the search to find a good one.  So I was pretty happy when one of the first things my lovely new neighbour recommended to me was her hairdresser.  She used to own her own salon, so I was not about to doubt her judgement.  Now, I have had my fair share of haircuts that I have been less than satisfied with, and some that I have cried about for days down right hated. (That will teach me for paying 5 quid at the Toni and Guy Academy in London.  I walked out looking like Sharon Osbourne.  NOT my intention!)
So, anyway, I’m happy.  I’m actually delighted, and so so grateful.  I’ve found a great hairdresser, thanks to my neighbour, and I have a great haircut that doesn’t even have that “wear it in for two weeks” look.

I hope you’re all having a happy weekend.

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  1. LOVE the hair cut! You always look so sexy, but this one blows sexy away! I still remember your hair cut from Toni & Guy in London..haha! Love Mel x


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