Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Messy Stuff

I didn’t get the creative, artistic genes in my family – that went mainly to a couple of my brothers and my sister.  I do, however, like to try, and absolutely encourage any form of creativity and art with the Little’s.  So, what better time to get out the paints, than to create a homemade gift for Father’s day? Not that we need an excuse to get out the messy stuff, but at least this one won’t get thrown out!
This one will become a permanent fixture on our soon to be created art wall.  I think I sort of may have ruined it by putting their names and ages, and perhaps could have just dated it, or left it as it was.  But I thought there is no way that in two weeks two years I will remember how old they were when we made this. This one will definitely be a keeper, as well as for Father’s Day it symbolises the time when we first moved in to our own home.
Did you get creative for Fathers Day?

And just to prove we don't mind a bit of the messy stuff....

Oh, should be back to blogging a bit more regularly now that we are settling in the new house, if our ISP plays their part.

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