Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My Version of The King's Speech

I quite enjoyed The Kings Speech and today I felt like I was reliving this scene on a number of occassions. 

If you've seen the movie, you'll know what I'm talking about.  The inner monologue was working overtime (I'm quite thankful I've worked out this inner monologue thing). 

So from a day that included more than 4 drinks being purposely tipped out, yoghurt being tipped onto table's just so it could be sucked off, full bowls of soup being tipped out, crackers thrown across rooms, food being spat out and no sleep from one Little, and then the usual whinging from another Little, my version of The Kings Speech went something like this

"You Do Not (f*ckety F*ck Fuck) tip your (f*cken) food and drink out"
"Will you PLEASE (for f*cks sake) lie down, and go to (bloody) sleep"
"If you're going to (f*cken) whinge, (Bugger OFF and) do it in your room!"

Apologies for the profanities.
Yes, Exactly Little M.  (none of this was directed at Little M, of course.  Just her expression says it all!)

And now they are all asleep peacefully and life is good again.

So, does your inner monologue get this sort of workout?
Oh, and while we are on The Kings Speech, The Little Viking speech is pretty good for his age, but over the past few days has developed a stutter, and its quite pronounced.  Has anyone else come across this, and do you have any suggestions?


  1. Oh my God!! That sounds mental. Breathe Baby Breathe. I shall look into the stutter and get back to you. Mila....too cute xxxxx

  2. Do you mean what I did sounds mental, or what the kids did?? It wasn't too bad a day considering but I certainly had a well deserved wine when they went to bed


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