Sunday, September 11, 2011

This view

Over the next wee while, I’ll start showing the new house as we finish off rooms and make it our home, but I first wanted to share this view.

I love this view. 
This is what I look out over from my kitchen, or from the dining table.  OK, so at the moment it’s not much.  Two mounds of over grown dirt and a patch of more dirt/mud on the ground.  But I love that there is so much green out there, that it is unobstructed, I love the light and I love the opportunity of what we can do.  The late winter sun has been streaming in from the late morning to the late afternoon and has been warming the whole house.  And luckily I do love it, as I tend to spend many an hour around this spot. 
I feel so at home here.
PS.  Our benches are NEVER this clear!

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