Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Candle vs Miele...

Note to self: Do not leave a lit candle on the kitchen bench while you go sit on the couch to feed the baby.  One of The Littles (I can't be too sure which one and I don't believe either of them) will decide to get the nearby vacuum cleaner attachment and place it on, or near enough to, the candle to see what happens.
What I see in the reflection of ABC is not a wee flickering flame, but something a whole lot bigger.
These pics were taken after I removed the A5 sized melted gunk from the bench.  I was not prepared to take pictures before this as a) I had to remove all evidence before hubby saw, and b) I was a little bit afraid that this melted gunk would stain the benchtop.

Miele Vacuum Dust Brush

Pooh Stink!!

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