Saturday, October 15, 2011

Finding My Feet

I'm still finding my feet in this new little town we call home. 
But one thing that is already a part of our routine is a trip to our local produce market, held on the edge of a very pretty park, every third Saturday of the month.

It's only a small market, but Little Red and I fill our bags with locally grown produce, eggs, fresh bread, flowers and whatever other goodies maybe available that day. Lunch that day generally includes something we had just picked up.  I'm looking forward to lots of fresh berries next month.
It's nice to know that what we're consuming comes from just down the road.
What was included in your routine this weekend?
I hope its been a good one.


  1. Hi Mili, not sure what has happened but we can no longer see your pictures, sounds like an awesome market though, what a wonderful place to call home :-)

  2. Oh no. Thanks for letting me know. There's something strange going on with the copy as well, I'll try to get it sorted. x

  3. How lovely are produce markets? We are enjoying our farmers market outing every Sunday morning. I can't wait until Everly is a little older and we can show her all the lovely food and talk about where it comes from. Sounds like you picked up lots of yummy things! x


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