Monday, October 3, 2011

One Reason To Like Day Light Savings

It was my time to hand the reigns over, so tonight I did something I have not done in a long time.
I managed to fit into my old running tights (they're Lycra - they stretch!), I put on my ASICS Kayano's (which are on their last legs, so anyone that knows anyone who works at ASICS- hook me up - he he), and I did some exercise!
 I made use of this extra bit of daylight in the evenings and I managed to get some Me Time. Apart from the two pairs of teary eyes at the door as I left, it felt good.  Bloody good!  Which, by the way, is apparently a word I say all the time, so Little Red told me today.  Note to self - watch the bloody language.
Anyway, how invigorating.  The crisp clean air, the sunset, the greenery of the countryside, the echo of neighbourhood dogs wanting to play, the chorus of frogs (yes Vanessa, they were frogs), and the dimmed hum of the distant freeway.

 For the most part it was only a brisk walk, but this road home demanded to be run down.

I got home feeling fantastic. 
Kids were in bed so I sneak in for a kiss and a cuddle.  Ruby mentions that Daddy gave them some of our ice cream.  That's nice, I think to myself, until i realise that our ice cream is coffee flavour.  Hmmmm - Dads!

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  1. Nice work Mils. Did you manage to find the rest of the track that leads to Bonnydoon or whatever that next town is called?! might be warragul? And I see you put a mat under the goblins table to stop the scraping noise of thier little chairs on the concrete!!


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