Friday, October 21, 2011

Queen of the Castle

One thing about living in a small country town is that postie doesn't deliver the good stuff.  Unless it's in a standard sized envelope we have to make the trip to the Post Office to pick up our goods.  On occasions I've not rushed, knowing what they goods were and that it wouldn't matter if I picked them up in a couple of days. Not this time!!  I packed the kids in the car, and off we went to the Post Office.  Well, it was actually just me who went to the PO.  Yes, I left the kids in the car!  It was raining, and another thing about this small country town is that I can pretty much always find a car park within 10 metres and I never have to wait more than 20 seconds to be served.

Anyway, I'm too excited to be talking about that.

 Last week, I was the very lucky winner of a gorgeous Castle cushion cover from the lovely Emily and her "silly little blog" The Beetle Shack (Em's word's, not mine).  You must know that I Love Emily's blog.  Her images inspire me, and her muses and wit brighten my days.

So I rush home, excited, and apart from lovely gifts from the postie, who doesn't love beautiful gifts that come wrapped like this with a sweet handwritten card.
Its a beautiful velvet cushion, with the cutest wee pom poms.  I. Love. It!!

I'm still undecided whether to keep the cushion here

 Where we are yet to fill the walls that GLARE at me Everyday!  I've been eyeing off some of these prints from the Castle collection as well.
    Unfortunately though, priorities call for filling this space first,
as well as some screening trees, as I'm sure the neighbours don't appreciate seeing our smalls on the washing line!

Or shall I keep it here?  New linen required, I think.

Either way, thank you so much Em from The Beetle Shack, and Rachel from Castle!!

Aren't I a lucky girl - I certainly will enjoy!


  1. On the chair for sure! Its perfect in your home!


  2. The chair it is! Thanks Ladies x

  3. wow, that giveaway was meant for you - so perfect in your home! x

  4. Yes I think the unreal cushion went to it's rightful home. It looks perfect on the chair! Kellie xx


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