Sunday, October 23, 2011

Same Same But Different

Once upon a time we used to make a regular Saturday morning trip to Oakleigh in Melbourne.  Oakleigh has a rich Greek culture and along with it all the wonderful vibrancy that Greek people possess. 
We would buy our meat, eat souvlaki, drink coffee, or a frappe if it was really hot, and hopefully get a seat outside in the pedestrian mall to enjoy the sunshine and people watch.  I've always found it fascinating to watch the older generation of men sit together, drink their coffees or spirits, smoke cigarettes and chat...loudly and with intent.
It had been a while since we had been, so thought we would make the trip today on the way to pick up the two older Littles, who had spent the night with Baba and Deda.
What greeted us, was not the normal hum of Oakleigh, but the big bang of a Greek Street Festival.
There were definitely no seats in the sun today, and trying to navigate the crowds with a pushchair was a bit of a task.  So instead we ordered to go and headed for the nearby park.  We ate our lamb souvlaki's (about the only time we can afford lamb at the moment), drank ginger beer, enjoyed the very warm spring air and listened to the Greek music being played around the corner. 

Life is good!

Hope you all had a happy weekend.

Who's starting to look like her Daddy??


  1. yummmmm .. sounds like a nice way to spend the morning xxx vic

  2. Next time i am over we will have to go,sounds like a great place to be.mum,ned.

  3. For sure Mum! Vic, it's the place we picked you and Rob up from when you came over for our wedding


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