Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Its Been A Long Time Between...

...Banana Breads.

With the price of bananas here being a little bit out of budget for some time, and my freezer stash long gone, our weekend morning banana bread has not been on the agenda.
So when I saw a $2.99 sign above some small, spotty, overripe bananas in my local green grocer yesterday, I got a little bit excited.

Today is Melbourne Cup Day, a public holiday and a long weekend for us, so this morning I made banana bread. A recipe from Donna Hay which is so super easy.  Give me a yell if you want the recipe.
An hour and a bit later, warm banana bread and a quiet house while everyone scoffed their faces.
But as usual, as soon as I sit down to eat, the gannots swoop in asking for some of mine.  Sigh!

And here's a sneak peak of a wee project I'm working on.

Good luck if you're punting today.


  1. my son had munched through the skin of a banana before we'd even hit the register he was so excited.
    those pompoms look devine.

  2. Bananas good price here please make me some when u come here!


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