Wednesday, November 30, 2011

So, I Made One Of Those Crayon Things

I first spied this melted crayon art at The Happy Home blog and thought it would be perfect for the Little Vikings Room.  You can see her version here
I wasn't sure what it was at the time, but have subsequently found them in abundance on Pinterest and other blogs.
So with today being just a Little M day, the house tidy(ish), washing away, butter chicken in the slow cooker, I got to work.
You need a bit of time for this project.  It is an easy one, but quite time consuming.

You Need:
- Canvas
- 1 and a bit packets of 64 crayons
- Hot glue gun
- Hairdryer
- Time - about 1.5 - 2 hours to complete

- Start by sorting the colours along the top of the canvas with the tips pointing down.  I used the brighter colours from the packets and left the darker ones out.
- Using the glue gun, glue each crayon and quickly place on canvas.  I glued mine so all the labels faced out.

- Cover the wall and floor with newspaper or other suitable coverage, place canvas on wall and get ready to start melting.

- Place the hairdryer close to the crayons and start melting.  Play with the high and low settings to ensure that the crayons are melting at a good rate but not flicking everywhere.  The crayons will start to sweat first and will then melt and run down the canvas. I found that as they were melting down I needed to move the hairdyer down the canvas as well to encourage the crayon to keep moving down as it was drying fairly quickly.

Note - the melting process is a long one, so be patient.  I found that i had a couple of colours that took ages to melt too, and needed a lot of extra time.

- Get good quality crayons.  I don't think mine were all that great quality, and in parts the coverage on the canvas is not great.
- Do it on a warmer day if possible.  I should have done it yesterday, when it was 32 degrees.  In typical Victorian style, it was about 16 degrees today, so the melting process took a bit longer that it could have.
- If you are doing it on a warmer day, place the canvas in your the front windscreen of your car.  This will start the sweating process and quicken the melting even more.

It's home will be on this wall.  It looks a little bit shit close up, but when it's on it's home on the wall, I think it'll look great. 

In the meantime, it's going away until Dec 25th.

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