Monday, November 28, 2011

When Safety Precautions Go Bad

Our arrival home from New Zealand at the end of last week came with some surprise.  The trampoline was not in sight, the clothesline had no lines in tact and the Little's slide was lying on its side.

What has gone on? 

Thoughts of some people carrying a trampoline inconspicuously down the road crossed my mind.  Fear that the house was ramshacked did the same. 

As we walked around the house things became a bit clearer.  It had been windy in NZ while we were there.  It had obviously been the same here.

A word of precaution to those with tramps that have the safety nets - they can get carried away!

Our tramp had made a nice wee trip.  Flipping at some stage.  making its way through the clothesline, taking a whole row of lines with it.  Finally resting, battered and bruised on the embankment at the back of the house.  Lucky for the clothes line otherwise it would have most definitely hit the house and most likely have taken out some windows.

By the time I took these photo's Johnny had fixed the line already (essential for the amount of washing !  I'm sure you know).

The tramp was positioned to the left of the slide.

Please excuse the washing on the line and the unkempt lawns.  Typically it rained when Johnny was able to get them mowed this weekend.

I hope everyone is getting set for Christmas.  I'm starting to feel the festive spirit and have been working out decoration ideas.  Hopefully we'll be getting the tree sorted this weekend.

Happy Week to you all.

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