Friday, December 2, 2011

DIY Advent Calendar

This is the first year that we'll be in our own home for Christmas, and I'm a little bit excited about the Christmas decorating.  Previous years we've not had the space for any kind of tree or many decorations, and the Little's haven't been so aware.  But this year is a special one.  Our family is complete, we're in our own home and I've been planning away.  I'm not going to have it all done by this weekend (or the next for that matter), but bit by bit, we'll be dressing up the home.

The first part is complete.  Our own home made advent calendar.   I was inspired by one I saw in Real Living Magazine which used little buckets.  The likelihood of me finding something similar to the buckets in a local store, and in the quantity I needed was slim, so I kept my mind open to other suitable options.

A packet of cupcake cases were the answer.  I added some twine as handles (Little Red was able to help with this part), roped through a festive looking silver trim, penned on some numbers, and voila - a very festive advent calendar garland. 

I haven't filled the cases. I'll do that on a daily basis and the Little's will be able to check them each night after dinner.  Then we can also use the checking of the calendar as a bribe gentle persuasion to eat their dinner.  I'll be starting small too - we don't want to set up any big expectations.  We'll have the usual sweet treats but it won't be limited to that.  Some nights will include bubbles, hairclips, small toys, stickers etc.  I was meant to complete this yesterday during the day, but best laid plans seldom end up as intended around here, especially when the Little's are sick.  So I finished it off last night and they saw it this morning.  Tonight they will get to empty two cases.

I asked Little Red if she liked it this morning when she saw it.  She said she did.  Not surprisingly, she added that she didn't like the fact that it was hanging down and rather it should be straight across.  Surprisingly however, she didn't demand I change it.

Super easy, compliments our decor, cost effective and reusable for years to come.  Perfect!


Yeah, i know my white balance is out in these photo's.  Can't figure out that one.

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  1. Such a great idea! I have bookmarked this in my DIY folder for future Christmas inspiration. Thanks :) x


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