Monday, January 23, 2012

Feeling like the 3 Bears

Some one's been eating my rocket (how do these appear, what seems to be, overnight??)...

 And some one's been eating my plums...

And some one's been eating my fruit trees...

And since we are on the topic of gardening, here is one garden bed that we have managed to plant up.  We're pretty happy because the last lot of Kangaroo Paws we had did not do so well (died!), but these ones are thriving!

And some progress on the deck....

I can't wait to be able to use this space!

Righto, time to find the best way to repel those caterpillars.  Any tips?


  1. If you've got any beer in the house, put some in a bowl or container by your garden the bugs love it....happy swimming little critters.....Dad says put them in a pie and have them for dessert ewwww

  2. Thanks Jinny. Do they go to the beer instead of the plants, or does that attract them??


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