Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Noughts & Crosses - Four Year Old Style

Teaching a four year old how to play noughts and crosses, or in this case Kiwi's and Pukeko's, turned out rather interesting today.  I find it quite intriguing just how differently they think.
I should precede this by saying that it's ALL about winning for this wee four year old, as it is with many, I'm sure.  She has to win or be the first at everything.  This can play to our advantage when it comes to meal times, but mostly not.

I explained the rules - you have to try and get three in a row, while at the same time stopping the other person from getting three in a row.  She got it - good girl!  She then went on to tell me how to play.

It went something like this:

First, you have to line them all up.

Ruby starts

"But you can't put them on my line"

"You have to put your's here"

"Not on my line!"

"Heh Heh, I win, I win!"

Mummy starts...

Pulls out some tricks...

 BAM... Can't always win my girl!

*No Ruby's were hurt in the playing of this game, no tears were even shed. Instead there was a quick request for another game.


  1. what a gorgeous set, an oldy but a goodie

  2. Haha! Love it! BAM! Can't wait to give it a go in a few weeks! Love Mel xo


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