Friday, January 13, 2012

Pizza Night

Friday night is always home made pizza night in our house.

It's great; I don't have to think, and for this I am always grateful.

Plug in the pizza oven.  Dress the bases, which Little's can help with.  10 Minutes later - Bon Apetite!


And who wouldn't love to devour their pizza like a two year old?

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  1. Delish! Friday nights are just made for pizza. I love that photo of the Littles under the table!

    Thanks or joining in, Mili. x

  2. Home made pizza is my fave Friday night easy dinner! Yours looks like more fun than mine though. Love the pics Mili.

  3. Yum! I think I need a pizza oven!

  4. I have eyed off the pizza ovens at our local kitchen shop so many times and have fingers crossed that this year one will be wrapped for some special occasion. Pizza is a go to here also. Easy and yummy, twO thumbs up! X ashley


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