Saturday, January 7, 2012

Stoopid Baby Hair

Pregnancy is a wonderful journey.  I relished being pregnant and the wonders that my body went through with each of my children.

On the flip side however, not relishing so much.  Things, well, move.  And now I'm dealing with the hair.  Ahhh, the hair.  This is one of those things no one tells you, so I'm telling you now.  If your pregnant or have just had a baby, don't be surprised if after a few months you start losing great chunks of hair, like if your conditioning your hair in the shower and handfuls just come out.  I freaked out the first time, but it's completely normal (well it's been normal for me anyway).  All of the hair that you would normally shed actually gets held on to for the 9 months that your pregnant.  Then a few months after the baby has arrived and hormone levels go back to normal, all the hair that you should have lost in those 9 months start to let go.  My hair has also become oily, so I've been dealing with oily, shedding hair.

And now, the moment I've least been waiting for: the stoopid baby hair.

So, I normally have a fringe, and normally I might look like this (on days when I've been to the hairdresser and I've done my hair, which is hardly ever, but lets just say that normally my hair looks this good).

I have fine hair, and although I'd love to have a heavy fringe, I couldn't because it would honestly take the whole top of my head in hair.

Now half of the fringe that I do have is gone and has been replaced by wispy, new growth baby hair.  When you were young did you ever try to cut your own fringe?  I did, and it looks like one of my kids has tried it on me now, except only on the front centimeter of my fringe and with thinning scissors.

Check out those wispy bits.  That pretty much is the extent of my fringe on the sides.  Ridiculous, and not in a good way!

I knew this day was coming, and from experience, I know I've got a good few months with a poor excuse for a fringe. 

Maybe it's time I gave one of these a go.

Has pregnancy left you with many undesirables?


  1. Oh I know just what you mean!I hate that baby hair stage and mine has never been the same again.. Luckily I can wear my fringe a little heavier but the sides are similar to yours. I'm liking the head scarf look I might have to give it a go too!
    xx jody

  2. Hi Milina. OMG .. I had to have a giggle when reading this blog as I am currently going through the hair loss stage (Saffron is 20 weeks) and you are right, no one told me about it so did freak me out a bit when it started to happen. How long does it take to stop the "falling out" stage as I swear I won't have any left soon? I am yet to see any new growth so fingers crossed it happens soon and thanks for the warning of how crappy it will look as it starts to grow back ... :-) Kat x

  3. This may sound silly to you all, but eat more protein...starting losing hair just the same following my surgery (I know it's a lot different to having a baby :0) a couple of year's ago, I started to lose hair too....I was told it is due to lack of does help I promise :-)

  4. As much as I'm sure it's a burden for you... I still think you're beautiful anyway. Would getting your hair layered help with the look of fineness. I have to layer my hair for that reason. Otherwise it sticks to my head and my ears stick out like a pixie. Pixies are cute, but when you've been taunted with 'Cheers Big Ears' when you're younger, somtimes things stick and wind up creating a deep seated complex. Anywho... I often wonder about those head scarf thingees and if they stay on your head easily. I do think they are very Sc Ruff

  5. Oh, Vanessa, that makes me sad. but i know what you mean. Like when you get told "You look pretty. pretty ugly".
    I'm going to brave the head scarf. I'll let you know if it stays on. xxx


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