Monday, February 6, 2012

Not a bad start

This morning saw the first of the early morning starts with the kinder drop off.  It was also the first morning we needed to put Ruby's chart into play.

I'm happy to say that mostly everything went without a hitch.  I was very proud of Ruby.  Although she needed a few reminders along the way, she was well ready before I was.  We left a little later than I would like to, but kinder's only a five minute drive away and we got there in plenty of time for Ruby to show Jenson around, to make us some toast and pancakes in the play kitchen and to draw a picture before we waved goodbye.

The house has been very quiet this morning.  While Mila slept, Jenson and I had some one on one time that we very rarely get to have, and I managed to get a couple of chores done.

I must say, I quite liked being up with everyone ready for the day at that time in the morning.  Let's see if I have the energy to make it a habit!

Now the nerves of all getting out the door on time have turned to nerves of wondering how she is going, if she's making friends, does she know what to eat for morning tea and what to eat for lunch.  I know, I know, she'll be fine!!

Do you children starting kinder, preschool or school?  How have you mornings' gone?

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