Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not So Quiet Time

When "Quiet Time" lasts as long as it takes to skull a Milo, and an afternoon sleep is a distant memory, there's a couple more hours of the day to fill.

Today we used some of that time to wash the car.

  Which then turned into a little water fight

Which then turned into washing Remi

We had meltdowns caused by getting wet, not being able to work the hose, not being able to put gloves on, the hose being broken and subsequently not being able to use the hose.  Oh, the drama that my Little Red plays out.  Thankfully I've been in a better place of late and was able to cope with it all.

Happy kids (for the most part), Happy Mummy, clean car.  win, win, win!


  1. Other fun jobs to do around the outside of the house, washing windows with mirofibre cloths and a touch of water, cutting grass with kiddy sissors, pulling weeds out, sweeping down the cobwebs, sweeping up the dirt, picking stones up out of the garden.... whatever the job you need about 15mins of hyping up before, very special job, not sure if you could do it, I was thinking but now Im not sure, are you sure your up to it, so they are begging for it hee hee worked well with my sisters! ha ha!

    xxx Mel on the Goldie

    1. We do some of those things. They love to use a broom. Luckily at this age they don't need a lot of persuasion. As soon as they see me with something they want to do it too. Not sure about the cutting grass with scissors though, it could take them weeks! xxx


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