Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentines Day

Johnny and I are not really big into the Valentines Day thing.  Apart from our very first valentines when we watched Notting Hill and Love Actually back to back while guzzling sipping Veuve Cliquot (yes, really!), our Valentines have been somewhat less romantic.

But something like this might be nice in his lunch box with some sweet treats, perhaps some rocky road.


See more lovely valentines ideas like this here.  Julia at Kuku Couture Invitations has some great printables.

NB:  Johnny only reads my blog if I ask him to read something in particular, so I doubt he will see this.  But Johnny, just in case you have become bored with your SuperTeam or Dream Coach or whatever it is, and you've read this post, you know that I'm doing something for you, so some Dairy Milk and a foot rub will do just nicely thanks!  Love you xx

Do you do Valentines?  I know one special family that have more than just Valentines to celebrate then.


  1. Ahh that's a cute little bottle. We don't usually do Valentines day, but I love writing, sending cards (sometimes homemade ones) so hubby will definitely get one of those. I prefer to celebrate our wedding anniversary instead.

  2. Hi Mili, Thanks so much for sharing this. I have had a lovely time tonight looking around your blog. I especially love your me, so far.. section sounds a little like myself. I thought I had every thing figured out and was ready to live out my life just as I had planned it in my head but now I realise the best things happen to you when they just happen with no planning :)


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