Friday, March 23, 2012

Not For All The Riches

It's been 10 days since Johnny came back from his trip overseas.

Time flies doesn't it.

I can honestly say that the whole time he was gone, not once did I want him here to help out for the kids, or to give me a break.  Sure, I had my moments with them and it all got chaotic at times, like it always does.  But I'm pretty pleased to say that I did good; we all did good when he was not here.

But we missed him.  We missed him like crazy.  The kids missed their Daddy story time, and Jenson really missed his man on man time.  Towards the end of the two weeks he would wake in the morning, or from his naps (if he had them) and cry for his Daddy. 

"Why is my Daddy not here?".  Single tears would roll down his face, his bottom lip fallen.

"I'm crying because I want my Daddy"  He would say.  It broke my heart.

Me?  More than anything, I missed his companionship.  Our banter, our dreaming, our jokes, our chats about nothing in particular, our laughing.  I missed seeing him with the kids.  Rolling on the ground with them, making them squeal and belly laugh like only he can.

I am so grateful that we as a family are able to be with one another as much as we are.  Like many families on one income, we live month to month.  We have to budget, watch our expenditure and live fairly simply.  We aim to live an even simpler and sustainable life over the years.  Of course extra cash flow each month would be helpful, and undeniably enjoyed.  But not if that meant that there was a constant gap in our family unit. 

To us, the most important virtue is family togetherness. 

Not for all of the riches would we change that.

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  1. The same exact thing for us, Milina. There isn't enough money in the world to buy what separation from my family is worth to me.

    I also love that swing photo. Brilliant! x

  2. Beautiful sentiments. The simple life of togetherness is so special. (love your pics too)

  3. I take the kids overseas to visit my parents almost every year and my husband stays behind. The kids miss him like crazy, but at least there are lots of different people and impressions to distract them. It must be a lot harder when you are the one staying back.

    Your photos are so happy! Love the one with the swings.

  4. Isn't it amazing how much more you appreciate eachother when you have a little time apart!! I know with Jase travelling like he does, that I realize how important each of our roles are in our family!!! Love you you and yours Mils,, XXX Sarah Mansfield

    1. So true Sarah. It certainly makes you treasure the small moments and not take them for granted. Big love to you, Jase and the kids xxx

  5. it's just too damn freaky, lady!! I could have written this post! the one income, month to month... haha I too would prefer to watch our pennies than go back to work or have paul work a more time demanding job for bigger bucks. sure the money would be nice.. but these early years go so quick. beautiful photos - ruby sure knows how to swing! x


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