Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Am I The Only One?

A funny thing happened on last night.

Rach from Picklebug posted a montage picture of some very cool things.  Think scones with jam, tights with Saltwater Sandals, doilies and embroidery.  She then mentioned that her husband thought she was turning into a Nana.

I had had a similar conversation with my husband earlier that night.

He was helping me fold the washing.  Woohoo, he helps with folding the washing!  It's normally quite an entertaining event actually.  Seeing whose piles he thinks each of the items belong to, and have you ever seen a man try to fold a fitted sheet or a hooded towel...H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!

Anyhow, he had picked up a pair of my undies to fold.  He may have been a little underwhelmed by the amount of fabric this pair contained, and mentioned that maybe I could invest in some more knickers that weren't so Nana-ish!

I commented on Rach's picture and got a few laughs, snorts infact.  I did think it was funny myself!

But, it got me thinking.  Am I the only 30 something to wear Nana undies? 

No, sorry, I'll rephrase that.  Am I the only 30 something, with 3 kids all at home to wear Nana undies??

They're comfy, I don't give a crap about VPL, and they help to hold in places that need a little bit of assistance.  Well, if i was completely honest they don't even do that, because they are all too big!

Oh, far out!!  OK, I need new undies!  (Too much info?)

Come on ladies, help me out here. I can't be the only one freaking out their husbands whilst they help with folding the laundry!

I would link this to Sarah's Snap It: Sweet, but this is SO NOT SWEET!!!  If you would like to see some sweet posts though, do head over to see Sarah.


  1. ha ha this post made me giggle.... I have some lovely undies that are far to big, Im about a size 10-12 now but just over a year ago my butt was a tad bigger as I was pregnant with twins. So I invested in some size 18 full briefs, I still wear them now, all saggy wear they shouldnt be, but oh man they are comfy, totally unsexy - Which is a good thing (no more kids at the moment - or ever ha ha.
    Being back at the gym I have moved back to the g-strings cause unlike you Milly I dont like VPLs ha ha.....

  2. i love the "fashion" label you have put along with this post!! cracked me up! i'm totally with you, but i have both spectrums. nanna undies AND nice undies....but the nanna ones definitely get replaced quicker! it's all about comfort isn't it??!! ;)

  3. haha love it! I expect hubby has impeccable drawers if he is criticising yours..??! hubby has never commented on my boring selection of underwear... I like cotton, every colour of the rainbow, the low rise brief kind. I don't do lace. I don't think I have worn a g-string since I had ruby! and it's all I used to wear.. you now know you have to surprise him when he least expects it... ;) xx

  4. Yes I definitely just wear comfy grey old undies now, or knickers as I sometimes call them... Very rarely I might dig out a nice pair, but truth is they cut right into my saggy tummy, and don't keep me nice and cosy... I definitely need new undies too, but I'm quite attached to the ones I have...!

  5. When I recently accepted that whilst my body is a size 10 my butt??? Is NOT!

    So off I went to Target and bought some hot options undies (hipster??)

    Nice colours and SUPER comfy! No more wedgie!

    Also it makes my butt look heaps better then it is so hubby is happy and so am I!

  6. 15 months after my last child was born i am still wearing my bombay-bluster-preggie-knickers. I love them and will not give them up till they fall apart! Go thatnana-knickers!!!

  7. 15 months after my last child was born i am still wearing my bombay-bluster-preggie-knickers. I love them and will not give them up till they fall apart! Go thatnana-knickers!!!


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