Friday, April 13, 2012

Grateful For The Ease of Telling Stories

I do love to get behind the DSLR and have a bit of a play.  Capturing moments to file away and reflect on at a later time.  But sometimes it sits and waits for the love.  At times it's longer than others.  I haven't pulled it out of its case since this celebration, two weeks ago!

But thanks to my iPhone and, I'm still capturing moments, telling stories and keeping memories alive.  All too often we might miss these moments, miss the stories in them, and the moments of pure simple joy that they offer.

So, from the last two weeks, these are the stories I can tell you.  I'm grateful that I didn't miss them.

 (Sorry if you follow me on Instagram, this may be boring.)

The story about when Mila took her first steps.  She's still not walking, although she does stand up by herself and takes a few steps.

The one when the kids were pretending the tramp was a pool and went swimming.  Jenson obviously likes to go nude!  A little bit of nude jumping can't hurt, can it?

The one when we had the most beautiful tart Rhubarb crumble, made with rhubarb straight from the neighbours garden - yum!

When Mila was gathering a congregation of chairs

 The story about when Mila had her first bike ride.

When the Autumn nights were so balmy, bubbles on the deck were mandatory

When we had tractors in to correct this view

The story about when I was able to enjoy a coffee and a Hot Cross Bun on the deck, until Jenson threw sultana's into my coffee!  I miss you Hot Cross Buns, come back soon!

When we had amazing glowing sunsets...

And kick arse glowing sunrises!

When we let the kids eat chocolate for breakfast (OK, we did too!)

When the balmy days turned to freezing ones, and movies, blankets and popcorn were called for.

When trips to markets, and pony rides were taken

When Johnny wanted to see what he would look like with botox.

The story about when Mila sprouted three teeth in as many days, fought high fevers and tremors...

And just wanted to be held.  Of which I was more than happy to not get out of my pj's and oblige.

The story about when I began to try to tackle the finger sucking. (Any tips?)

When the days turned back to balmy and the kids rode their bikes in the street with their friends...

 And then we sulked because the bigger girls rode off too quickly and we couldn't keep up on our balance bike...

 But then it was OK again.

The story about when we bought mummy in some flowers and "I wrapped them in tissue so they could warm down"

 And then we pretended to be a snowman. 

The story about how the lowering Autumn sun seeps through in the afternoons to warm our home.

 And finally, the story about the infancy of the place where we call home.  How we have so much work to do, but more importantly just how grateful we are to be here.

Happy weekend friends x 

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  1. lOVE that awesome bike shot! Yum!

    The finger sucking... Well, we had luck with giving our boy a special crystal to keep in his pocket to hold instead of doing his habitual thing. It worked rather well! x

    1. Thanks Bron. I've got some crystals around somewhere, will dig them out this weekend.

  2. Lovely! A bit of nudie trampoline jumping is always good! I know what you mean about iPhone being easy to capture 'those' moments. I think I need to start being better about using my proper camera. Until then...
    Have a great weekend xx

  3. I'm new to instagram and it's given me extra motivation to snap those little moments and keep the memories. Beautiful photos, off to follow you instragram now.

  4. I always love your photos! I remember you mentioning something on Instagram about your table, do you mind telling me where you got it from? When I showed my husband the photos of it with your chairs, he mumbled something about maybe the chairs would work at our place if we also had a similar table. There is a chance I may have won him over!!

  5. Gorgeous gorgeous shots there, lovely stories. The autumn afternoon sun one? Perfection

  6. I haven't used our DSLR in months! My laptop storage is full and I haven't found the time to clean it out and store photos/movies elsewhere, so I have been avoiding using it. But, yes, instagram is so easy and beautiful! I am a bit addicted.

  7. Beautiful, happy, expressive photos Milina. Your babies are gorgeous! Thank you for visiting my blog, so lovely to find yours now! Look forward to following along with your journey from here on xo


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