Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{Point + Shoot} Off the Beaten Track

We decided to head away last weekend.  Have a change of scenery before the weather turned colder and wetter (which it already has done), before we had Autumn and Winter plantings to work on, before the footy season was in full swing, and before general Winter hibernation.

Part of the weekend included exploring what was off the beaten track.  This is the sort of unbeaten track where the only sounds you hear are the fish and the mosquitoes.  It was so utterley peaceful.


Photo's taken on my phone, as some nitwit (Me!) forgot to bring the camera battery charger!

It was such a nice weekend where we could just be a family, not have to consider the "Things to do" at home.

Have you been anywhere off the beaten track lately?

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  1. Wow that looks like an amazing spot! Beautiful photos and how nice is it to have a weekend away! xx

  2. amazing shots! it's hard to believe how great photos can be off a phone, isn't it! what a beautiful spot x

  3. I am thinking 'wow, she's really got some beautiful shots with her camera'... not your phone!! amazing. especially #2 and the one with the jetty. I love your instagram feed when you do a family day trip, makes me want to move to the country x

  4. AND.. I haven't been avoiding you... and not visiting! ha just so busy over the last month and only doing quick read throughs and catch ups on my fave blogs and not commenting... so I had to come back and comment! xx


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