Tuesday, April 24, 2012

We Have A Walker...

...And she has good taste in music!

Even though she took her first steps back then, she's still preferred to crawl, rather than walk.  In the past couple of days however, especially today, her preference of getting around has been toward the more upright methods.

Here she is, also enjoying Mummy's taste in music.


  1. Loving the one arm twisty thing going on, Ill try and get some of M and F having a dance.... Brill song!!!! and seems that F and Mila are on the same walking timeline too... hes walking like a zombie....

  2. loving the balancing/twisting arm too!
    she's so cute! nice to hear your voice too ;)

  3. She is so cute Milina, how wonderful to be able to capture the wonderful things our kids do. Mila is so adorable and quite the groover. xx

  4. How adorable I just watched this with Maksi and he was mesmerised and started dancing too
    Maybe we should set them up :)


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