Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fun Ways With Science

My mind is totally not on blogging at the moment, can you tell??

I've spent a good part of this week looking at kinders, schools, just BEING with the kids, being on kinder duty and catching up on domestic stuff that my mind has not been here at all.  I will try to be back here a bit more regularly soon.

But, here's something from a little while ago.

When Jenson and I found a couple of hours to ourself not so long ago, we tried a little science experiment we had seen on All For Kids.

You'll need:
: Some white flowers. Carnations or Roses work well.
: Jars
: Food Colouring

Fill your jars with water and add a few drops of different food colouring to each.  I tried to get the colours of the rainbow, so had seven in total.

Put one of the flowers in each of the jars and let the expirement begin.

After a little while, anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours you will notice that the flowers start to change their colour to match the food colouring.  The longer you leave it, the more colour the flowers take on.

There's something to fill in a bit of time if it's raining where you are tomorrow...  You're Welcome! 

Big love to you all!



  1. I haven't been around much this week also. But so glad I didn't miss this! how cool! I am so going to try this. Thank you! x

  2. this is awesome! the kids would love this. we have an interview for school tomorrow afternoon.. and have just decided the other school we applied for, we don't want to go to anymore, even if we got in... so will have to enrol at another school just to be safe, but pray we get in with the school for the interview tomorrow (we are zoned there anyway, but I am not counting our chickens!) xx

  3. Wow that's fantastic! We only have two schools to choose from for our kinder girl, still a tough decision!


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