Thursday, May 10, 2012

PMS Is The Bitch. I'm Sure It's Not Me!

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Please tell me it's not me who is the bitch!

For just over five years, I have been either pregnant, coming out of a pregnancy or breastfeeding.  Previous to that I had been on the pill for a number of years.  Although I am still breastfeeding, things over the past several months have been returning to "normal" on the menstrual cycle front.

Or is it??  Is this normal??  I don't even know what normal should be!  I'd totally forgotten about the effect of PMS, or PMT or whatever you want to call it.  But if this is normal, I am not liking it!  In fact, I hate EVERYTHING for about a week to 10 days, and then like a switch, calm is restored (well, until the next sleepless night).  

I think about times over the past months, like this, or this or this, and wonder if it could come down more to my cycle.

For me, the effects are not so much physical, a little bit of bloating, but not a huge amount.  The effects come more on the emotional side.  Extreme irritability, at times even the slightest noise gets my back up, lack of motivation, anger outbursts, mood swings, fatigue, anxiety, lack of confidence, the list goes on.  And then on top of this the guilt for the way I have treated the innocent bystanders, namely my husband and children. 

I'm a cancerian, so I can be overemotional and moody at the best of times.  But I have been a total bitch lately, and it's the most horrible and degrading way of being a wife and mother.

PMS is real, and it sux!

So please ladies, I need your help!  Do you suffer from PMS?  How do you cope with it??

NB:  Please accept this as a public apology to Johnny for the person I have been in the last few days, and then the four weeks before that, and the four weeks before that....


  1. Oh I know what you mean! I found when my cycle first started to return to normal after bfing, I was just like how you described, but over time it calmed down and I don't seem to be quiet so bad anymore! Do you take any vitamins? I am no expert but maybe something herbal might help? xx

  2. I love your public apology to your fam :) apparently I too suffer from PMS but I don't seem to notice it but hubby can always pick that time of the month and calls them my bitch days.

  3. After having my babies and knowing I wasn't planning anymore I went to my doctor for the depo provera, or jab as I call it. The jab lasts for three months and I don't get periods so I don't think I have cycles of PMS, not sure if its the same for everyone though :)

  4. I so love your honesty Milina, I loved this post, even though I can't relate.. it's okay to hate me ;) haha don't get me wrong, my cycle has changed since having the kids, but I am so lucky to have never suffered PMT/PMS and having the kids hasn't changed that. I can't offer any advice, but I think you being aware of why you're emotions and behaviour change is a good thing in trying to find a solution to help you feel more like your beautiful self during *those* times - plus your public apology to johnny :) I like jody's advice.. xxx

  5. Oh I used to be terrible with PMS. Like you though, I can't really remember how I used to deal with it as haven't really had it for a while due to pregnancy and breastfeeding. Can't wait for that to come back one day though! x


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