Saturday, June 30, 2012

Grateful For Being Here

Eleven months ago I pressed the published button on my first ever blog post.  As a generally quiet and private person, I was nervous and apprehensive.  But the longing to feel more closely connected to family and friends via this space outweighed the nervousness.

Just this week I posted my 100th post, and I am so truly grateful that I had the courage to start this blog in the first place.

: One hundred conversations that I may never have got to have.
: Photo's that may never have been shared.
: Stories told of me and my family, through words and photo's that may have never been told.
: The simple every day happenings of my life, and the extraordinary.

I hope there have been post's read over a coffee or wine.  There have definitely been posts written with them!The comments that have been left, the posts that have been read, and the real connection and closeness that I have felt, has left me humbled and deeply grateful.

Grateful that I have done this, but more so grateful that I have you. My family, my old friends, and my new friends  You have made many a day with your comments and words, and I thank you for that.

I am also grateful for the endearing Bron.  My first ever linked post was a grateful post at Bron's place.  Again, another big step for me to link one of my posts.  But through Bron and the wonderful people that she attract's, I have met* a whole other group of like minded and women, who continue to inspire me and offer support.  I have yet to form a good support network where I am, but these women, gosh, I have no words.  They've got my back like they are the oldest of friends!

My Grateful posts have not been as regular as I would have initially liked, but I would not have missed out on this reunion of Gratefuls at Kidspot.  Go take a look and see!

* You know, I've not actually met any of them in real life.  One day!


  1. Huge congratulations on your hundredth post!! I'm really glad you started blogging :)

  2. 100 lovely connections, Milina. You put it out there and the good stuff comes back.

    Not regular, but loved. x

  3. Wow 100 posts!! I'm grateful for the courage to start blogging too x

  4. Oh yay! Congrats on your 100 posts. That's a huge milestone and I love the way you position it as 100 conversations you may never have had. It's really cool when you think about it like that, isn't it!

    I'm usually an intensely private person and launched my blog 18 mths ago with massive apprehension, so I hear you! The 'blogging community' is so warm and friendly, especially around the grateful linky!

  5. happy 100, friend! I love your description of conversations and photos shared - especially the photos, that may never have been shared. I think these are even more sacred than our words and thoughts. they never lie, and they are so very personal. I'm grateful you had the courage to start blogging, I love coming to visit x (and soon you will be able to say you HAVE met some of those women!)


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