Friday, July 6, 2012

Grateful for Winter

I'd been whinging last month week.  Sick of the illnesses, the cold, the rain.  Sick of Winter and willing it to be over.

Then I read Jodi's post and it made me stop, think and put things to into perspective.

So, all this week, I have been grateful to Winter for all of the things that it has to offer. 

Things like...

: The slower days with no rush to get out of PJ's, unless of course we have to be somewhere.
: The fact that the kids tend to sleep in longer, like actually past 7am, and sometimes up to 8:30am.
: The kids generally happy to go to bed at 7pm because it's dark.  This, I know, will not happen in Summer.
: We celebrate this special boy's birthday...
: And my birthday...
: And our wedding anniversary.
: It's soup season, which means the easiest and yummiest of comfort foods.
: You NEED to try this cauliflower soup!  It's awesome.
: Mmmm, Comfort Food!
Offspring (even though the season ends next week.  I will be in mourning!)
: We can splash about (but not too much, it's become awfully muddy).
: Did I mention the slower days?  The slower days have cleared my head and made me happy.

I'm no longer willing this season away.  Instead I'm relishing.  Sure we're getting a bit of cabin fever. But there seems to be not much that a cardboard box can't fix.

Happy Mid Winter to you! What are you loving about it?

Joining the Grateful party with Maxabella at Village Voices


  1. Love the image - gorgeous! I love soup, scarves, electric blankets and the beach in winter! Such a lovely reminder to focus on all the joys in each season xx

  2. Great post! I love scarves, watching my 2 year old jump in puddles, snuggling under knitted blankets on the couch, my knee high boots and slow-cooked meals. The sound of rain on the roof is just a bit lovely too. I hope you enjoy the rest of your winter!

  3. Comfort food is the best part of the winter months for sure. It's summer here in the UK - not that you'd know it with all the rain!!

    Visiting via Kidspot :)


  4. How cute is that picture?! Adorable. And what is it with kids and cardboard boxes?? - never ending fun! It's been the same here - I've been whinging on about winter, but I secretly like the slower days, putting the heater on, and yummy warm comfort food (and the extra layers of clothing to hide the results of eating so much comfort food... or is that just me?). And I LOVE Offspring! It's the one TV show I will watch without fail. Looking forward to season finale tomorrow night! x

  5. I love the picture too. She's so gorgeous! She would brighten any winter. x


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