Friday, July 27, 2012

Sixteen Months

As you can tell, she gets into this drawer often.

Mila will be 16 months next Monday.  An age I feel I largely missed out on with both Ruby and Jenson, as I returned to full time work when Ruby was 12 months and Jenson was 9 months.  I am so grateful now that our situation allows me to be home with them now to witness and help them grow, and that I don't feel like I am missing a good part of this age now.

It's an interesting age.  She's well into everything, as she should be.  Dragging and dropping,  emptying, tasting, opening and closing, leaving a trail of destruction in her wake.  Trying to leave the house in some sort of presentable state is not in any way achievable at the moment.  She chats away in her own language, pointing and exclaiming, and coming to tell me stories in very matter of fact tones.  Walking around with an old ice-cream container as a shoe has been a latest enjoyment.

She has such a wonderful character.  Independent, alert, cheeky and now getting more cuddly than she has ever been.  I do know, however that we are in for some power struggles in the future between her and her big sister.  They share a lot of traits.  They both know what they want and are not afraid to go to any lengths to try to get it, and they both want to be the boss. 

Poor Jenson.  My quiet, tender-hearted boy, sandwiched between two potential alpha-females.  Oh well, Johnny will say, "At least he has two lots of sisters friends".

At least at our last outing she did not resort to saying hello to other children around her size or smaller in what seemed to become her usual manner - by hitting them in the face, or worse, biting a finger!  If she had done it on this occasion, it would have been to her own detriment, as the boy she was playing with was a bit older, and would not have been afraid to bop her back!

But the thing I am finding the most fascinating is watching her develop her own place in the family dynamic. I don't notice her watching and taking things in, but as I witnessed her today try to put a spoon in the sink and some rubbish in the bin for the first time, and completely on her own accord, I realise that she is so much more aware of her surroundings and the way we work than I had thought.  She is becoming less of the baby, and more of the sister.  Willing to help and be involved.  Willing to make her mark, as if she hasn't done already.

She has really surprised me in the last week, and I'm not sure if it's because I don't recall these moments, with the others, or that she has more to watch and mimic with four people instead of two or three.  Or perhaps she's just gone through one of those light bulb stages that infants go through, but I am finding myself amazed by and forever grateful for her.

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  1. Icecream container as a shoe?! Classic! What a lovely family. *s*

  2. Two lots of sister friends! He's sorted whether he's a 'younger woman' or 'older woman' kinda guy.

    Treasure these special moments, Milina. x

  3. It's an interesting age for sure, enjoy it! I've loved being a stay-at-home mum and watching my children grow. I hope I won't have to go back to work too soon after the next one.

  4. Beautiful. I love this age too! xx

  5. Great post. My two are big now (about to turn 9 and 14 respectively) and I wish I had better memories of the things they did when they were little.


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