Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Snap It {Cold}

This is the coldest I have ever been.

A hoodie just does not cut it in -7 degrees celcius with -30 degree wind chill factor.  (It was actually summer at the time!)

I still recall the pain in my fingers as the blood in them literally defrosted.

One from the archives.  Jungfraujoch, Switzerland, June 2006.

Put your hands around something warm and go and see more Cold Snaps with Sarah.


  1. Oh goodness, I was about to ask where that was so I avoid being there and then I saw the flag.

    I just big marked it "DO NOT GO".

    I was born and raised in Mexico for 20 years so warm weather is more like it for me. Thanks.

    p.s. and I complain about the weather in Van, no more after this LOL


  2. Fantastic images, sure does look cold.

  3. Those images are stunning!! But my cold!!

  4. Absolutely fantastic photos. And what a breath-taking place to be. I imagine every inch of you felt invigorated by that kind of cold.

  5. wow, beautiful photos lady! but I am shivering just looking at you in that hoodie!! where's your eskimo outfit? x

  6. Wow you photos are amazing, I went to jungfraujoch, in 09 but I was deathly ill and the cold made it even worse so I ended up lying inside huddled in a corner while hubby went out and enjoyed the view, so sad I missed it :(

  7. wow!! all that cold snow is making me want to stand in front of a roaring open fire!! beautiful pics x


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