Sunday, July 1, 2012


My boy turned three on Saturday.  He is growing up.  He's such a charmer.  So caring, so affectionate.  So diligent, so cheeky.

Before Ruby went to bed on Friday night she said to me "I'm excited about Jensons birthday tomorrow".  I smiled and said "Me too".  She was the last to wake on Saturday morning and the first thing she said as she walked into our bedroom where we were all having morning cuddles was "Happy Birthday Jenson".  Johnny and I looked at each other and smiled at the sweetness.  Some times they fight like, well, brother and sister, but they do love each other so.

We celebrated the day with family togetherness, a first trip to the movies for Jenson and Ruby, and more family togetherness. 

Happy birthday my son.  We love you.


  1. Happy birthday to your little man!! My kids are crazy for those dinosaurs too! Hope you all enjoyed the day. xx

  2. oh I love these photos! another little dinosaur lover :) and that car?!!! nan and pa doing the spoiling? how are your walls looking..? again, awesome job on the cake, blue inside too! happy birthday beautiful boy x

  3. Happy birthday to your adorable boy!! I love that cake so much, and my the looks of it he did too :)


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