Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Nursery

When I was still in school I decided that I wanted to persue a career in photography.  I applied for one of the few courses available at the time, but unfortunately didn't get in.  It may or may not have had something to do with the fact that we didn't actually have a photography teacher in the last three terms.  Instead, once a month, the few of us in the class had to drive the 30 odd kilometers to the teacher's new school to sit in on her class.  The only thing I remember from these sessions were the stops at Burger King on the way home, with the multiple bottomless cups of fizzy drink!

So instead, I turned my head to marketing, and all but put the camera down. I had still enjoyed taking photo's, playing with composition, and capturing moments, all the while being inspired by other peoples photography, but I had never really taken it any further.

That was until about 18 months ago when we invested in a DSLR.  I began to fall in love again.  I played a little with the settings, moving from Auto to AV, but I knew I could be getting more from the camera.  So, I am very proud to say, that after attending a workshop on the weekend, I am now happily, still slowly and a little clunckily (is that a word?), but happily shooting on manual.  And WOAH, there is SO much good about this setting! 

The workshop was held by Tim Coulson, whose work I have admired for some time.  To be honest, Tim's work is some of the best photography I have laid my eyes on.  The raw power and emotions that speak through his images have at times overwhelmed me.  There have been many a moment I have looked through his blogged shoots with tears streaming down my face.  On Saturday morning, in his workshop, he spoke of emotions.  It was his first topic.  He got me again! I really had to swallow hard to not let myself be overcome.  Tim is so much more than a photographer, and his humility and passion are ever present.

Tim's taking The Nursery to Auckland too!  I'm not sure of numbers, but if you're interested, which I would highly recommend if you want to start getting some amazing shots on manual, drop him a line.

I took a lot more knowledge and confidence away from the day than I was expecting, my head was whirring by the end of it!  But I must say, it also felt incredibly good to be surrounded by inspired and inspiring people.  Conversations with others at the workshop, and listening to Tim and his wife Kesh's story, have left me pondering about other aspects of my life, in only the best of ways.

Now just to shoot those thousands of photo's over hundreds of days, and I'll really have some photo's to frame!

To see some incredible shots from others on the workshop, take a look at my gorgeous friend, Tahnee's work, and the lovely Lisa's work.


  1. gorgeous photos! i went to the Monday session and loved it! Tim is amazing hey! happy snapping!

  2. oh la la! I love the shots with the tanks in particular! Awesome work! Thanks for the mention, too! It was so nice to meet you :)

  3. brilliant lady! brilliant. you'll have to send me some, I love the group one second from bottom. and the tanks. and the one of rachel's lips! crazy good. I look forward to seeing what's to come out of that camera of yours in the future :) x

  4. wow. thank you so much. i love that you guys headed to those black tanks. love those shots.

  5. amazing! look forward to seeing more 'manual' shots of yours! Love the tanks ones!


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