Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sharing is Caring: A Must for your Medicine Cabinet

A few weeks ago I posted on Instagram about how unwell my family had been this winter.  Constant colds, runny noses, coughs, the flu, a bout of gastro.  This winter has been endless and unrelenting.  I wondered if it was just my family being unhealthy, or was it just a bad winter.  It turns out that many families have been in the same boat.  Sickness that just does the rounds, gets better, then seems to reenter the house a few days later.

I wrote the post after a very unsettled night of coughing children.  It seems we have had the vaporiser on constantly for the past few months, but it just didn't cut it that night.  The horrible coughs that for one ended up with vomiting.

One Insta friend commented that they had used Essence of Thyme for coughing and that it had been a "HUGE success".  I was not about to question, I was at the health store the very next day.

As we drove the 45 minutes home, the coughing started again.  I put a few drop on Ruby's toy she was cuddling, which then made the whole car smell like chicken stuffing (It does have quite a strong smell), but the cough seemed to settle.  That night I put a little under her pillow and there was no coughing at all!  I have since used it also with Mila, and although the cough has started, it has settled, and has not been kept her, or us up at night.

So from now, this essential oil will be a constant in our medicine cabinet, right along side the Eucalyptus and Lavender.

Here's hoping for restful sleeps for everyone!

Happy snaps from the weekend

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  1. ooh I am going to have to try Essence of Thyme for me though, Lucky so far my babies are hardly ever sick.
    But me I am often a coughing mess.

    I love your Happy snaps, just beautiful. I am going to the Nursery in Jan I hope I can learn to take photos as well as you.


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