Thursday, October 4, 2012

September {Captured}

In just four more sleeps my first born is turning five.  To quote a famous TV news reporter It's "kind of a big deal". 

We will be partying up on Sunday morning, so I've been in full party prep mode.  Many nights have been spent cutting, folding and rolling countless packets of tissue paper, baking, and crossing things off lists.

My body feels tired, stiff and weary.  So before I go and tackle the ardous task of window cleaning I'm going to make myself a juice packed full of much needed vitamins and minerals.  (No fibre required.  If you know us Graham's, you know we don't require additional fibre.)

We are heading for a warm day of 28 degrees here today, before the temperature heads south again over the next few days, somewhere between 13-18 degrees.  Best I get out and do those windows now!


  1. Have a cuppa, the windows can wait!
    I've got one turning five in just a few weeks too. Five has come around a little to quick!

    1. Haha, thanks Shelley. The windows did wait. It was much too windy yesterday. And yes, it has comea around too quick x


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