Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sisters: A Series {Part Two}

See, this is why she rocks. 

This is why, when I decided to permantly mark myself with ink I did it for and about her.  I would say that there are not many times in one's life when you have a man at your feet, literally.  And your foot is dripping with sweat, literally.  And you get asked out!  But that was me.  Being in a somewhat embarrasing situation, because I wanted my mark to represent something that meant the most to me - our bond.

That is also why my third child shares her name.

Vanessa responded to my post about her in the way that only she can. 

I opened your blog and scrolled through the pictures,
Whilst swelling with pride in the joy we are sisters.
I start reading the words of both humour & heart,
and know I adore you more than a flaming Graham fart.
'We' may know how we feel...yet it's hard to express it in word,
Things that go without saying, yet go better when heard.
Through the era of vikings you've gone where people feared.
You've inspired many, said things when better shared.
Now we're growing up I don't have to pay you to wear your clothes.
You constantly inspire me & if not heard, I hope it shows...
that even if I spit in your eye or punch you in the ear,
I forever trust, love you and miss not having you near.
If curtains fill with crust & the horse rears and makes you sad...
May it always bring you comfort.. You're the best sister I've ever had.
xxxxx Whoop whoop next sunday baby xxx

This is one reason why she rocks.

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