Friday, October 26, 2012

Up and Down

On Sunday I showed her how to climb the ladder by herself.

On Tuesday she was Up and Down, countless times.  Clapping herself once she had slid down and running back around to the ladder.  Yelling at the top of her lungs when she was at the top, telling everyone to look at her.  She was loving it and did not stop.

On Thursday she slipped from the top of the ladder and caused herself another mouth injury.  The third time this same tooth has been banged up.  I will be amazed if she gets through the next few years with this tooth intact.

  On Friday she was back up the ladder and down the slide like nothing had happened. 

I love the resilience of these Littles.


  1. Oh dear the poor dear,it is amazing how tough they are but she looks like she is having a ball, in fact they both do. xx

  2. Oh Poor thing, Its fantastic that they recover so quickly though isn't.

    I am loving your back yard, it's huge!

    1. They do recover so quickly, thankfully.
      We live on 1 1/4 acres. Yes, it is huge. Mowing the lawns is my respite :)

  3. Their resilience really is amazing. Beautiful images. They're always learning something new xx

  4. oh, I think I knew what was coming from the start of this post! my hand was up at my mouth just.. waiting.. ouch!! poor little darling - and you! I know my heart jumps in my throat when they bang their faces. I just love the one of her with her surprise face right up on top :) xx


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