Friday, November 23, 2012

Extra Cuddles

The last couple of days I've done something that I haven't done in a very long time.

Ruby has kinder on Thursdays.  Pick up time is 11:45.  Not a great time for a toddler who has been a little poorly and needs a decent sleep.  I didn't want to put her to bed an hour before we left.  So instead I had to deal with the overtired, unhappy toddler on the way to, during, and on the way home from pick up.  All she wanted was her bed.  

I know if I just put her in her cot she would have been happy and gone to sleep right away.  She's always been a lover of her bed.  A little story and then straight to her cot, she doesn't really like to muck around long for too many cuddles.  But yesterday I thought she could do with a little bit more love.  I took her to her room, sat with her on the chair in her room, sung a song, hummed a tune, and let her fall asleep in my arms.

We were both content.  I watched her as she drifted off. Eyes closing slowly I listened to her slowing snuffly breath.  Watched as her breath moved her.  I sat for as long as I could before I had to put her down and deal with the raising noise levels on the other side of the wall.

I couldn't help feel a little sad that she is already 20 months, and these sorts of cuddles don't get to happen that often.  I've had many people say to me it's good to have children close together "To get it out of the way".  I personally don't like hearing that.  I wonder if they themselves have children this close together (each 21 months apart).  Although I wouldn't change anything, I do feel like Mila and Jenson, and myself, have been a bit cheated of time with each other   I've heard people say "But they don't know any better", which is true.  But I know better.

I relished these cuddles yesterday.  So after our great morning with friends at a park this morning, we did it again.

When is your favourite time for cuddles?


  1. Oh precious! Grab all the cuddles you can! I love cuddles with my girl. I love holding her hand too but she's growing up to be a 'big girl' now, well so she informs me... But she'll always be my baby!

    Sophie xo

  2. you know I totally get the cheated time thing.. absolutely get as many cuddles in as possible :) I think this is why I am pretty lapse with putting the kids back to bed if they get out during the night... one day they're not going to want to come and snuggle anymore :( x

  3. Our youngest sleeps in our bed - I finally gave in and put the cot away a couple of months ago - he just would'nt sleep in there. I will put him in a big bed when he is around 2. I'm just going to go with it and savour the cuddles and time he is in our bed. It's not forever. He is growing up so quickly.

  4. This is beautiful and so much like my daughter! She loves her bed and has never come to bed with us and mostly sleeps through. But lately she has been waking up after an hour and just needs her mummy cuddle. I adore that time of night! She sleeps soundly on my chest and is just pure bliss! I wish i could get her to fall asleep there!


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