Monday, November 5, 2012


When we moved into our new house, just over 14 months ago, the land was bare aside from a plum and a chestnut tree.  We live on a 1 1/4 acre block, so with only two trees, we have our work cut out for us.

Johnny and I have pottered away, or strained in some cases. Johnny's built a deck.  We've planted screening plants.  We've lost screening plants.  We've planted fruit tree's.  We've got one vege garden going, and another set for planting in a few weeks.  Many of the goals we've set out for this year have been ticked off.  Some will now be on next years list.

And all the while, as we've worked, with all the mud and dirt, the Littles have been getting filthy.

Sometimes in the wet.  This weekend in the dry. 

While Johnny and I busied ourselves with moving 20 cubic metres of soil, mulch and chicken manure.  The Littles busied themselves with whatever dirt they could find.  Sometimes "helping" us, sometimes making "cakes" or "pies".  But all the while being blissfully happy.

There is something about connecting with the earth.  It's good for the soul.

Did you get your hands dirty on the weekend?  Do you let your kids get filthy?

*My children are not always like this.  Some days the thought of having to clean anything off them is too much for me to bare!

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  1. oh bless them! they are so adorable - even covered in dirt! well done both of you for all your hard work - I hope you're putting your feet up for the cup tomorrow! x

  2. Looks like a great weekend. I have a total aversion to dirt but am working on making sure the kiddos don't realise. I encourage them go out and play in the mud, splash in puddles and roll on the grass!

  3. They look so happy to be covered in dirt :)

  4. Oh my two are just the same, love being in the dirt! I don't mind it myself, I agree, I think its good for the soul. xo

  5. Adorable Milina, my boy is the same it is so sweet and your right good for the soul.


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