Saturday, November 24, 2012

Red Is To Stop

Ruby was asking me yesterday how people get different coloured hair.  I told her they dye it.
She quickly turned to me with gaping mouth and big eyes.  I then had to explain about hair dye, and it wasn't die, as in dead!

I said to her I hoped she never wanted her to dye her hair, as she has the most beautiful colour hair.

Her response, with the most amount of five year old attitude you can add:

"I don't want red hair.  Red is to stop and I don't want to stop.  I want green hair, because green is to go, and I want to go!"

Yes Ruby.  Yes you do!


  1. Love little conversations like these. Children always come out with the most amazing things. Elaina xo

  2. That is so gorgeous!! I love the things that little kids come out with :)

  3. Her hair is truly the most divine colour - I hope she loves it as she grows x

  4. Her hair really is beautiful. But I really like her thinking what a clever little cookie to come up with that. X

  5. Oh I love that! Her hair is just gorgeous xx


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