Friday, November 9, 2012

Sisters: A Series {Part Four}

My life since I moved to Melbourne, just on six years ago, has been a little unstable.

I started a job within six weeks of arriving and left nine months later to have a baby.

A year after Ruby was born I started another job.  Only to leave 8 1/2 months later to have another baby.

Nine months after Jenson was born, I returned to that job.  Only to leave 10 months later to have a third baby.

I've made friends, but life changes after children, and the homebody that I am has been quite happy to stay at home and potter with the kids.  Although that probably is not always the best thing for my sanity!

Blogging and Instagram have become my community.  It seems funny to think that I have probably bonded and find comfort with more people in the virtual world than the real one.

But there is one friend I've made, and even thought the friendship is still in it's infancy, I would like to think of her as a sister.

When I first came across Tahnee's blog early this year I was immediately drawn to her, and her's fast became my favourite blog to read.  There was something about her that I felt instantly connected to.  I felt truly inspired by her nurturing nature, how she was and what she did with her children.  She made me want to be a better mother.  And she's funny!

As we got to know each other a little better through our blogs, other social media and Draw Free (when it was 'All That' for about three weeks), we discovered, we were living, as Tahnee has so well put it, Parallel Lives.  We are still discovering how similar our lives are.

Our meeting was going to be inevitable.  It had to be.  I don't think there could have been a way that we would not have met.  I actually squealed with excitement when she replied to my message about actually meeting!

On the way to her house for that first visit, it really did feel like I was going to see a dear old friend.  There were a little nerve's as I pulled into her drive way, but they were soon replaced by comfort as I saw her smiling, welcoming face and we greeted each other with a hug.  She could have easily been any one of these Sisters.  Her home felt warm and familiar.

Tahnee's written about our meeting's here.  She has such a beautiful way with words and she has said everything that I feel.  I'd love for you to go and say hi.  I know you will love her just as much as I do.

And check out her talent behind the camera!  So much talent!

Thank you for your kind, kind words Tahnee.  You continue to inspire me.  Lifelong friends a certainty.  Sister's even.

You can find out more about the beautiful Tahnee here.

*Photo's taken from the second time we met eachother (kid free), because I was hopeless with the camera on our other meetings!


  1. HI, Mwena, I tried to post this in Tahnees blog but I couldn't, Would you like to do that for me? xxxx So excited by the way xxx

    Hi Tahnee, My name is Vanessa the other sister of my dear sister, Milina. How wonderfuuly exciting it is to hear of your parallel lives in such an inevitable friendship and the photographs that illustrate the the joy as thou you saw it through your own eyes. After reading both your blogs I look forward to hanging with you both some day. I'm a hugger too, so here's one for you (sqaueeeze)

  2. I love the blog community for exactly this reason :) I haven't ready Tahnee's blog before, so I'm heading over to check it out now.

  3. well, you certainly know how to make a girl feel special! my goodness milina, to have made such an impact in such a short space of time, I really am speechless - and touched! so very touched. and of course everything is reciprocated. I will be forever grateful for this little blogging bizzo that it brought you in to my life. lifelong friends indeed. and you can never have too many sisters :) here's to our next seven hour luncheon! big big hugs xxx (ps - and such a sweet message from your sister - tell her I'm sorry she couldn't comment x)


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