Monday, November 26, 2012

Stills: A Weekly Collection

I'll be joining Em with a weekly collection of Stills.  Little snip-its of what we get up to during our weeks.

1. Spying on the neighbours
2. Collecting leaves
3. Perfect day for a bike ride
4. Painting with nature
5. Cheeky chooks
6. Painting the windows
7. "Cheeese"
8. Drawing the spiders we caught
9. Getting the lawns done.  One of my favourite jobs.  Something I inherited from my Dad
10. Raw brownies
11. Daddy tied my hair up
12. Afternoon naps
13. Sisterly cuddles
14. Three legged race action.  Photo by the Little Viking
15. Our sugar snap peas are flowering

See more weekly snip-its at The Beetle Shack.


  1. Great photos! We are in the process of getting our chicken coop ready for Chickens - I have'nt kept them before so we are excited. The Raw Brownies look great, will have to try these. Elaina xo

  2. What a beautiful home you have :)Thos brownies are making me VERY hungry!
    Ellen xx

  3. Gorgeous! I love the leaf painting! Hope you have a lovely week. xo

  4. love the one of the kids painting the window - so cute. And ooh those brownies look awesome! x

  5. Fantastic pictures! At preschool the kids favourite outdoor acticity is to walk around the playground with buckets of water and large paintbrushes! The kids can spend hours just painting with water!

    I want those brownies :)

    Sophie xo

  6. The pic of those brownies just made me hungry! Great idea to paint with leaves... and hmmm..I was thinking of giving the walls a wash... I wonder if I gave the kids a bucket of water and some brushes what would happen!

  7. Love your pics! Just had a little read of your journey so far. I hope you are enjoying living out in the country now. Nothing like a little change to shake things up and keep life interesting. Gorgeous little family you have.

  8. some really beautiful snapping going on here lady! mila's little pony tail! R and J painting the windows is fabulous :) xx

  9. Painting with leaves and washing windows with paint brushes - my girls would simple love to have a go at these.

    Nina x

  10. How on earth have I been following you all this time on Instagram but never your blog. Your photos are just divine and really truly made me smile. xx

  11. LOVE these photo's Mil. I have such a soft spot for your little ginger ninja after our 'spirited child' talks.

    So sweet. Plus, your home is a dream :)

    xo em

  12. Beautiful photos and what a lovely home you have x


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