Sunday, December 30, 2012

Stills: A Weekly Collection - The Christmas Edition

It's been five years since we've spent Christmas with any of my family. It's also been five years since Grady and Mel have spent Christmas with any of our family.

This year, while the rest of our siblings and nieces and nephews celebrated Christmas at our Dad and Step Mums, we celebrated Christmas together in our home.  It truly was a blessing having some family to spend Christmas with.  Once the rip fest was over, just to have each others company was the greatest gift.  

One thing I really do feel sorry about is that my children don't get to grown up with many of their cousins.  While Mila may not, Ruby and Jenson will remember the first time they met their cousins Flynn and Marijke and the Christmas they spent with them, for a long time.  These are the gifts that I am truly grateful for.

Thank you Grady and Mel for bringing your beautiful family down to spend some time with us.  You truly did make our Christmas such a beautiful one.  Thanks for the laughs, the chats, the tears, the help and pantry full of food!  Sorry for all the noise!  You guys are such wonderful parents and have so much to be proud about.  We love you and miss you already xoxo





Joining Em for the final Stills for the year.


  1. oh what beautiful photos! of a beautiful time together - I hope your heart isn't too heavy now they have left :( and your story on shared birthdays!! my goodness that is uncanny! and so very special. I hope the photos of Mila in the woods and naked Ruby's hair are already in frames ON YOUR WALL!!!! stunning. we must catch up before our girls head to school {sob} xxx

  2. So stunning Milina, your Christmas table is gorgeous!

    Happy new year to you and your beautiful family!



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