Monday, December 3, 2012

Sunday Driving: A Christmas Edition

If you're a New Zealander, you're new to Australia, and someone tells you something is "just down the road", add up to 40km's on how far you think "just down the road" means.

This Sunday's drive was "just down the road", about 25kms from home.

The perfect December Sunday outing.  Selecting our Christmas tree.  

The kids had fun, running through the trees, while we called out for them not to go too far.  We inspected heights, bushiness, symmetry.  Of course there was one who needed to relieve themselves amongst the trees.  (It may or may not have been me).  We measured against Mila on top of Daddy shoulders and finally decided on The One.

As Johnny carried her to the car I giggled at the kids:

Jenson: "Oh, you're strong Daddy"
Ruby: "Yeah, you look like a bush Daddy"

We took her home, where she has been lovingly adorned.  More-so by Johnny than anyone else!

She smells so sweet.  Like Christmas!




So, how's your Christmas tree looking?

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  1. argggh! so gorgeous. we did this as kids, only it wasn't legal...! driving out in the pines, with us kids in the BACK OF THE UTE!!! we had to drive on an actual proper road to get there.. how times have changed! we would get to sit on dad's lap and 'drive' through the bumpy bush, eventually getting out to try and find the perfect tree - they were NEVER trimmed or symmetrified (?!!) like the tree plantations now, just big bushy and completely wonky. I really miss the smell, I think we may do a real one next year. it won't be the same as when I was a kid, the experience of riding in the back of the ute, standing up and banging on the roof to tell dad we'd found one.. but perhaps a lovely tradition to begin again anyway x

  2. The tree looks gorgeous - so nice that dad is involved too with the decorating! Loving the watermelon trees - might have to steal that one. Have a geat week xo

  3. Your tree is gorgeous! Haha, I totally know what you mean about "just down the road". I remember being so completely confused when I moved here and people were saying "I'm going down the street", I finally learned that, that phrase actually means "going into town to the shops". Crazy Aussies ;)

  4. i use that term myself "just down the road". it could be 20 blocks away! i love your tree. i had no idea in australia we could find such beauties. yours looks wonderful. so lush and green. xo

  5. I so love your tree. It looks beautiful and I love that you guys went t=and chose it all for yourselves. xx

  6. a beautiful tree and the most festive of images ... just lovely x


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