Sunday, December 16, 2012

To Live The Dream

As of about a month ago I am officially unemployed.

My almost 24 months of maternity leave has come to an end with an inevitable resignation.  With the way the economy was going, and job security, it was important to keep our options open, but it was inevitable none-the-less.  Although there are certainly days when I wished I could go to work, just to simply escape, I know that my heart would not be in it, and being with my children is where I need to be.  Then there are the times where a second income would definitely ease a little financial stress, especially of late.  If the past year is  a sign of what's to come, I certainly do worry about how we will get by, and where the reigns need to be tightened or what sacrifices will need to be made.

So here I find myself, after nearly two years of having the privilege and the challenge of being home with my three wonderful children full time and a mere six weeks off sending my eldest to school, and my second off to kindergarten.  The visions I've had for a good part of my life as being a Stay-At-Home Mum, will soon be taking on another dimension.  This is a chapter I'm really looking forward too.  I'm excited about helping out in the classrooms, watch them on sports days, or helping get their fruit ready for "Fruit Friday". Bring. It. On!! 

But, there is something missing.  Another part of my life that I've always envisioned that has not yet transpired.  Something that is so important for my own personal fulfillment that although it has not been a priority,  it has also not been forgotten.  I've always seen myself working from home.  To be able to work from home in a way that allows flexibility to be there for my children, and to contribute, financially to our family, even in a small way, would be a dream come true.  But it's not just about the financial gain and the flexibility.  It's also about focusing on and achieving something for myself and living the highest, most fulfilling and inspired life I can.  To do this, and be a true example to my children would be the ultimate dream come true.

I've been so inspired by the growing numbers of mothers who are now working from home, running very successful businesses, becoming photographers, freelance writers, and bloggers.  Starting to live their dream and living a fulfilled life.  I'm sure there are times when balance, or rather a lack of balance, comes in to play, and if anyone has the perfect work/play/health/financial balance, please, PLEASE let me know!!

The hard part about this though is knowing WHAT it is I will do.  I've had thoughts and idea's.  Some I've been excited about, before self doubt rears its ugly head.  Some days I've felt desperate to know what it is I will be doing that I've become frustrated and disheartened.  But all the while I've believed that timing has been crucial to whatever it is I'm to do, and right now, the most important thing that deserves my time and attention is my children.

But, I can feel the time is nearing.  I'm listening Universe. Eye's, ears and heart are open.  

I'm ready for the next chapter, to live the dream.

Are you living your dream? 

I'd love to hear how you have gotten or are getting there.


  1. Such an exciting time Milina, good on you for listening to your heart! I'm using my maternity leave to have a go at working for myself too. It's hard, but so much fun. Let me know if anyone tells you the secret to finding that balance :)

  2. Oh, I could have written this post!!! I am the same - my brain is swirling with ideas, but the WHAT to do is the big unanswered question. It has been frustrating me for months! I've come to the same realisation though, that right now, Everly deserves my time and attention, and we do plan on having more children... so I suppose my big dreams will have to wait (because I really can't envisage myself running a business from home with a newborn!). I am doing the same as you - wait for the Universe to guide me, and be as open as possible to anything that comes my way! I know you will do great things, Milina, I can feel it! x

    P.S. I was a little addicted to career profiles for a while, then I found this article and it really helped me narrow down my interest. Maybe you might find it useful -

  3. oh my darling friend, this could be my favourite post yet. I think you need to re-read that quote you directed me to last week that made you think of me... when it all feel right, the stars align.. many would have gone back from maternity leave and carried on, miserable, knowing where they really wanted to be but didn't have the courage to follow their heart. you are so right, it is so inspiring to be surrounded (in the virtual sense) by strong, capable women, who have believed in themselves enough to value where their lives are headed - and to charter the course they WANT - not where they think they SHOULD go. I really believe the choices I am making now are because I began blogging. As if blogging had its own plan for me.. because without it, there is no way I would be taking any leaps - anywhere! too weird. I LOVE your conversation with the universe. I am positive she is listening and will answer in due course - when she knows you will be ready to hear her xxx

  4. I too have recently become officially inemployed and it was one of the most freeing but also most frightening moments of my life!

    I am sure that the iniverse will answer you and you will fall into whatever it is that you are meant to without wven realising it!

    Good luck xx


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