Saturday, January 26, 2013


Today was spent doing a number of true Australian things.

:: I spent the day in the garden among the native Callistemon's, Grevillia's and Ficofolia's.
:: I also spent the day swatting away about a gazillion flies (yes, really).  What is with these awful flies here that just sit on and stick to your face!?
:: I drank some fine Aussie beer
:: I baked lamingtons
:: I listened to Triple J's Hottest 100
:: I had a counter meal.  Pronounced "Cowna" Meal
:: I watched the Australian Open

But, I will tell you what I won't be doing.  Wearing an Australian flag around my shoulders...

Well, again.  Probably.

But, in all seriousness, today is a day I truly give thanks that I can live in this beautiful country.  That I can live and raise my children freely.  That we have been blessed with opportunities and basic rights that other's have not been blessed with.

And while I will always call New Zealand home, Australia is home now too.

Happy Australia Day

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